We’ve all seen it, and deep inside we all have it: The nesting instinct! For some, it comes in the form of preparing a safe haven for children or grandchildren; for others it may be creating the perfect “man cave.” But in whatever form it takes, the nesting instinct is all about creating your own safe, comfortable and delightful home habitat.

I want to let you know, I get that and it’s important to me that I help you find your nest–not something that just “works” or is “acceptable.” You deserve the perfect place to spread your wings! For sellers I represent as a Bend, Oregon real estate agent,  it works in reverse. I work with other local real estate agents to find a qualified buyer looking to roost in your location.

Lately, we have been seeing “bidding wars” on some properties, as the Central Oregon real estate market has been increasing ever more, post-recession. The temperature isn’t the only thing that gets hotter in the summer; the housing market traditionally gets a lot of activity as people get outside and start looking!

More houses are continuing to come on the market, as recent statistics show, list prices are going up, and pending sales are on the increase. What that means to you, if you are a buyer, is that you need more than ever to have the services of an experienced Realtor who can find your nest before someone else lands there! If you’re a seller, you need a real estate agent to help you sell your home in Bend or Central Oregon–to help you negotiate the top selling price for your home.

Let me know how I can help you find your nest. I’ll keep a sharp eye out for you from a high-level view!



See my latest real estate listings for Bend, Oregon and other areas of Central Oregon.


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