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Tetherow: A Beautiful & Open Bend Oregon Community

What you’ll love about the neighborhood of Tetherow is how it surrounds the lovely Tetherow Golf Course. Tetherow is a destination community.

It’s a nice mixed use community. You’ve got incredible single family residences. You have the advantage of having the hotel, the lodge, right there for extended guests. And then, you also have the smaller units. You can easily find a townhome in Tetherow.

Interestingly, it is one of the communities that allow short-term vacation rentals.  They have two sections up above by the lodges where they embrace the short-term vacation rental customer and owner. You can buy one of the vacation cabins and use it, and then rent it out during the rest of the year.

Tetherow is wide open. And the views are tremendous. One of the reasons it’s wide open is it was the site of the Awbrey fire back in the early 1990s. So all of the ponderosas and the conifers are gone. But that’s allowed this lovely sage and wild grass-filled landscape that surrounds the area.

Tetherow Neighborhoods:

  • Golf Homes at Tetherow
  • North Forty at Tetherow
  • Tetherow Cascades Vista
  • Tetherow Crossing
  • Tetherow Rim
  • Tetherow Vacation Homes
  • Trailhead at Tetherow