golf-course-properties-bend-oregonOver time it has been observed that certain home buyers really stack the odds in their favor via their solid foundational preparation. Therefore these individuals have a significantly better chance of finding the home that they really want in the Greater Bend area. They accomplish this key goal without nearly killing themselves in the process, nor stressing out everybody else who is involved! What are some of these key preparatory steps?

In life in general, it can be said that if you don’t know where you are going, you are probably going to end up somewhere else! It is impossible to effectively look for a new home if you don’t have a firm grasp of just how much home you can truly afford. In addition, within the modern lending environment, it is mandatory to be grounded as to what type and amount of mortgage you are capable of receiving. After all, in today’s market, many listed homes receive multiple offers. Not submitting a pre-qualifying form will likely put your offer at the end of the line!

Therefore it is extremely important to work together with a skilled and aware lender throughout the home purchasing process. Your dedicated real estate agent likely will have some excellent recommendations. You may have the option of meeting with a few of these lenders, and sensing which one you can work with the  best as a team. It is all too common for buyers to get frustrated and try to switch lenders In the middle of the race, which is usually not a wise strategy! Also important is to find a lender that has your best interests at heart–one who will help you figure out a mortgage that you will realistically be able to make payments on over time, as opposed to one who encourages you to qualify for the very maximum possible amount.

Prioritize your needs and wants. For instance, is it important for you to find golf course properties in Bend, Orego? Make an assessment of  what you simply must have in your home. Next, list the things that you would appreciate having in your new abode. Openly discuss these priorities with your agent to enable better input towards you fulfilling your goals. Also, do not neglect to outline the things that you simply will not tolerate in your new home; this is a common omission.

If you are not yet clear enough in this prioritization and elimination process, your professional agent can assist you. You can be shown various homes with differing features, to help you make a better delineation and start to really narrow down the field.

In this buying process be realistic as well. Despite the various advertizing you may encounter, buying homes for pennies on the dollar is not at all common. Banks price their inventory at pretty much market value. This realism also needs to carry over to things like short sales. Don’t expect a slew of repairs in such a situation. Also, keep in mind that in the vast majority of home inspections, even with new homes, the inspector is going to find things to report. Don’t let that fact discourage you, it is par for the course.

In the next blog, additional key principles of successful home buyers will be covered. Until then, consider the above points and consider how you can start putting them into practice!

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