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What's Different About ELEV8 Mortgage Brokerage in Bend, Oregon?

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KarenMalanga:  Hi, this is KarenMalanga, principal  broker with RE/MAXKey Properties in Nest Bend. I’m here at HouseTalk.

I’m so happy to welcome Dan Williams of Elev8 Mortgage back. If you’ve listened to our podcast before, he’s been a frequent guest for us on House Talk—and he has a new company, I haven’t been able to really have him on because he’s been so busy—to explain about his new company and how he launched it. He’s the main guy there. He’s the president. So we have El Presidente here.

Hi Dan, welcome to the program!

DanWilliams:  Thank you! Yeah, we are excited.We launched our company back in January. And it’s been going super well. Plus,I’ve been in the industry for a long time. And I decided to start my own andsee how we could do to help people out a little bit better than what we’re ableto do in the past.

So, I started a mortgage brokerage. And we’re a wholesale shop. What that means is that we deal directly with different wholesale investors to fund our loans. And it basically can really open up a lot of product and pricing options for people that is just tough to do sometimes if you don’t have those options on the table.

KarenMalanga:  Sure!

DanWilliams:  There’s a lot to it. Time is abig one. And closing on time is a huge issue in our world as a realtor?

KarenMalanga:  Yes, and I can’t stand it when wedon’t close on time. I mean, you’ve got moving trucks coming. You just havepeople that are counting on a date. And it’s so difficult when you have to…it’s almost like you let a little air out of the bubble. They lose some of thatexcitement that should be there.

DanWilliams:  It’s so true! And that’s one ofthe biggest things that we’re able to do that’s been super, super good, theability to turn a loan through the system and get a borrower where they’recleared to close, their docs are at escrow and everybody is breathing easy.

KarenMalanga:  Nice!

DanWilliams:  It’s fun! It’s something that I’mstarting to really promote about us a lot. I literally this week had asubmission into our underwriting department. I was cleared to close, and docswere out in one day!

KarenMalanga:  Whoa! You’re not only good,you’re like a magician! What’s going on here?!

DanWilliams:  Thank you!

KarenMalanga:  It’s a one-stop-shop.

DanWilliams:  Yeah, exactly.

KarenMalanga:  Maybe that’s what help streamlineit so well.

DanWilliams:  I think so.

KarenMalanga:  A day?!

DanWilliams:  Yeah, literally one day.

KarenMalanga:  We’ve got to be singing from therooftops.

DanWilliams:  Yeah! And you’re letting me do ithere. So I appreciate it.

KarenMalanga:  Perfect!

DanWilliams:  But no, we’re super proud ofthat. And it’s something that we’re trying to build our reputation around withescrow and everybody else, that “Hey, your docs are there early. You can get signingtimes. Your borrowers can get in and breathe a little bit. And the sellers knowthat everything is okay, that it’s moving through.”

KarenMalanga:  Nice!

DanWilliams:  And we’re regularly 2+ weeksearly to escrow with our docs instead of getting up to the last second andeveryone’s dying.

KarenMalanga:  Wow!

DanWilliams:  That’s just a very normal thing.And we’re super proud of it.

KarenMalanga:  Yeah, I’m impressed.

DanWilliams:  Well, thank you.

KarenMalanga:  I’m so glad you had the time tocome here today because we haven’t visited in a while. So this is nice,especially as we’re gearing up towards the winter season and we get seriousbuyers in town and we have serious sellers. We definitely want to get thoseclosings done quickly in the winter.

DanWilliams:  Absolutely, absolutely.

KarenMalanga:  …because winter is coming! Younever know what if someone has to extend their closing in eight feet of snowfall! I mean, that’s not going to happen, but be prepared!

DanWilliams:  …not this year, right?

KarenMalanga:  …not this year!

DanWilliams:  We’re going to have an easy one.

KarenMalanga:  We’re going to have an easy one.

So Dan, please tell us the name of your new company, where you are and how to reach you.

DanWilliams:  Sure, sure! It’s Elev8 Mortgage.And we spell it a little different. It’s Elev8 Mortgage. And we are locatedright beside you, right above the old ville on Upper Terrace Drive, 354 UpperTerrace Drive.

KarenMalanga:  This is the perfect place forpeople to go home shopping. They can visit us at Nest Bend, and then walk rightacross the stress to Elev8 Mortgage.

DanWilliams:  And then, right beside us arefour different title companies.

KarenMalanga:  We’ve got it made over here.

DanWilliams:  Yeah, pretty nice. But yeah, it’sa great location. We’re so glad we found it. It took us a long time of looking.Bend doesn’t have a lot of commercial office space.

KarenMalanga:  No…

DanWilliams:  So, it was nice to find. You justput all of these pieces together, get it built out the way we wanted and youknow…

KarenMalanga:  Well, thank you! And I think theother thing I want to leave our audience with is you have years and years ofmortgage experience. It’s not like you were just with one company for two yearsand went off on your own. I mean, your layers of background and your expertiseare really hard to match! And I think that our listeners need to know that.

DanWilliams:  Well, thank you.

KarenMalanga:  Yeah, you’re welcome.

DanWilliams:   Yeah, it’s 24 years this year oflending. So I’ve done a lot of loans.

KarenMalanga:  You’ve done a lot of loans.

DanWilliams:  Yup, pretty much. And we’re proudof that too. I feel like that’s one thing that we can bring to the table forpeople, the ideas and ways to help them get to that point, help them find a wayto be able to buy a home and take advantage of this market.

Renting in this market… if you can buy, you want to buy.

KarenMalanga:  Exactly!

DanWilliams:  There is so much equity andwealth being built through home ownership. And the idea of paying the rentsthat this market demands when you can get in—and there’s a lot of options forways to get into a home for very low money or even no money sometimesout-of-pocket…

KarenMalanga:  Yeah!

DanWilliams:  …that you want to look at thoseoptions.

KarenMalanga:  Well, when you’re paying rent,you’re paying someone else’s mortgage.

DanWilliams:  Yup! And they’re gaining all thatequity.

KarenMalanga:  Anyway, can you just give yourcontact information one more time?

DanWilliams:  You bet, you bet! My phone numberis 541-668-3053. Our address is 354 Southwest Upper Terrace Drive, Suite 101 inBend.

KarenMalanga:  Thank you so much, Dan, for beingon the program.

DanWilliams:  Thank you! Alright…

KarenMalanga:  That was awesome!