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What Do People Love about Pahlisch Homes? with Victoria Eno

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House Talk Episode 25 – What People Love Most about Pahlisch Homes with Victoria Eno

Karen Malanga: Hi, this is Karen Malanga with another edition of House Talk. I’m here to welcome Victoria Eno from Pahlisch Homes.

Pahlisch is one of our favorite builders. And we love representing their product. What I’m excited to hear about from Victoria is she does the surveys of the buyers of Pahlisch Homes.

So Victoria, you know exactly what people like about Pahlisch Homes. Can you give us a brief overview of what they find?

Victoria Eno: From our surveys, we know that our homeowners value the quality that they’re getting in their home. They also tend to go back to the whole warranty. They know that their home is going to be safe and secure. They know that they’re getting the value that they’re paying for.

Karen: I love the warranty department at Pahlisch.

Victoria: We have a wonderful warranty department.

Karen: They are great.

Victoria: They are.

Karen: And then the other things that I see (and I don’t know if this came up in the survey), do they like having a home that has a little bit less maintenance like the homes in the Bridges with the smaller—you know, not the gigantic yards, and the covered patios. Is that something that comes up in the survey?

Victoria: They do! They love this low maintenance. They have their yard maintenance in the front taken care of. There are the amenities. There are so many things to offer within our communities.

Karen: What I also see when we get a buyer for Painted Ridge, they visited various communities within Central Oregon whether it’s the Bridges, McCall Landing, River’s Edge.

When you’re surveying buyers, which neighborhood do you get the most responses from? Is it buyers that buy in the Bridges or Painted Ridge or River’s Edge?

Victoria: It really depends. It depends on what type of demographic we’re looking at. So if you’re looking for a family type environment, you’re going to go for the Bridges, and you’re going to go for the McCall Landing.

But if you’re looking for that higher-end home, you’re going to go for Painted Ridge.

Karen: Yes. So Victoria, when a person comes to Central Oregon, and they want to buy a new construction, after working at Pahlisch Homes, and being able to tally all the surveys from the buyers that you’ve had in the past 12 months, why do you feel they go with Pahlisch?

Victoria: I believe it’s the overall quality that they’re going to get.

When you walk in a home, you want to know that everything is already ready. You want to know that your builder has looked at everything. They’ve found all those errors, they’ve found all of those mistakes, and they fixed it. They did it ahead of time.

So when you move in, that home is completely ready for you and your family.

Karen: I agree. I think that that’s one of the things that Pahlisch excels at. It’s just the constant oversight, the “Okay, let’s go blue tape this, and let’s go back and make sure everything that was blue taped was taken care of.”

I think that’s one of the gifts that Pahlisch has. And that’s why I’m proud to represent them.

So it’s nice to have you on today, Victoria. Thank you.

Victoria: Thank you so much, Karen.