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Should You List Your Home During the Holidays?

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Even though the weather can be challenging this time of year, the holiday season is a terrific time to list your home. With an average of 20,000 visitors per day and all the snow enthusiasts that descend upon Bend once winter arrives, you have a captive audience. Buyers that are shopping in winter are serious buyers. They are taking time away from holiday festivities to view homes.

Buyers are attracted to that feeling of warmth and coziness that winter provides the perfect back drop for. Fires in the fireplace, white lights and greenery on the mantle often convey to buyers that sense of home they are looking for and as a place to gather.

So how do you set the stage for a successful sale? You’ll want to think about three major areas: holiday décor, snow and ice removal and keeping your home warm.

First, let’s address holiday décor. While it’s important to enjoy your home and what is important to you, it’s smart to simplify your decorations while trying to sell. Think more of decorating for the season, not the holiday specifically. Simple greenery and classic, white outdoor lighting can really showcase a home in the snow and produce some amazing photography results. If you decide to decorate, be sure not to clutter areas such as kitchen counters and living spaces. Less is more, especially when you’re trying to show off spaciousness and features such as granite countertops and high-end architecture.

Next, you’ll want to be sure to think through snow and ice removal. We always walk through a winter maintenance plan with our clients during our first meeting. Every property demands something different. Is your driveway sloped or flat? How many stairs are there to the main entry? Are the gutters susceptible to ice damming? It’s important to think through these components and assess your property’s specific needs. You may need to hire a service to keep things safe and in tip-top shape.

Finally, be sure to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. Buyers who are cold will generally not stay as long in a home. It’s our goal to have them feel at home and take their time. If your property is vacant this is essential and your real estate agent should help you devise a plan for maintaining a healthy temperature, not only for visitors, but for the sake of your plumbing. As well, you’ll want to think about creating that cozy feeling we all look for in a home this time of year. Lighting the fire just before a showing can really have a big impact, especially when the snow is falling outside.

Sometimes sellers are concerned about showings and how to manage their family events. It’s always our goal to simplify the home-selling process. If you are intending to enjoy your home while it’s listed, we’ll always work to schedule showings around any holiday events and dinners you might have planned.

The holiday and winter months bring some challenges in selling your home. But this time also brings some advantages, most notably, serious buyers and less competition. With the help of your trusted real estate agent, you will be able to overcome the challenges and create an inviting scene that showcases your home during the most wonderful time of the year.

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