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Living Christmas Trees at Moonfire and Sun Garden Center

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Karen Malanga: Hi! I’m Karen Malanga, principal broker at RE/MAX Key Properties. And I’m so excited to be out here at Moonfire and Sun. Moonfire and Sun is on 27th just south of Bear Creek.

And I’m pleased to welcome Regina Vinson. She is going to tell us all a little bit about how to buy a living Christmas tree. And look at the variety that they have here. I’m super excited about this. I might have to buy one myself.

But Regina, can you tell our listeners what do you do with a living Christmas tree. How does it work?

Regina Vinson: Well, the main thing is to try to keep it as cool as possible so that it doesn’t break dormancy and start growing while you have it inside. And we even have people that buy a living Christmas tree and just put it outside a sliding glass door or outside their picture window. But if you do want to do it inside, you want to take it in gradually. You want to put it on a covered carport or an unheated garage for two to three days, and then move it inside.

Karen: Because I know people would want to decorate it properly.

Regina: Right! But 7 to 10 days is still a good period of time.

So, you bring it inside. You’re going to try and keep it away from a fire, anything hot—fireplace, drafts  from a heater, that kind of thing. You can water it by just placing ice cubes on top of the root bulb. That will keep it evenly moist, keep it a little cooler.

Then you’re going to transition it back out to the outdoors, the same way you did on heated garage—for two to three days again.

Karen: And then, out to the outdoors to put into your yard, into your landscape…

Regina: And plant it as soon as you can after the holidays. It’s better off in the ground where the roots are protected than it is in a pot where the roots are exposed.

Karen: I think, also, what I’m noticing here today is the variety. I mean, there’s one—correct me if I’m wrong, but I think it’s called the golden nesbitt.

Regina: Yes…

Karen: Look, it’s right behind you. It is… it is…

Regina: They’re beautiful.

Karen: And then, combined with the blue spruce… I mean, there’s a lot of variety here at Moonfire & Sun.

Regina: And some of them are even small amount for tabletop or that you could put in a pot and leave in a pot for quite a long period of time that wouldn’t get too big.

But then we do have a lot of other things…

Karen: Yeah, no… what is this one?

Regina: This is a Vanderwolf Pine.

Karen: This is gorgeous.

Regina: It is beautiful. It’s that two-tone needle. And they grow to be good-sized landscape trees.

Karen: Okay. So now, I have one other question. If someone comes here and buys it, how do they carry it into their house. They’re going to have to have some help. This guy’s heavy.

Regina: Well, if you’ve got a two-wheel cart, you can get it in.

Karen: Like a dolly?

Regina: Yeah, a dolly. You can get it in. And we’ll get it into your vehicle. But after that, yes, it’s up to you to get it inside. So…

Karen: Okay. So Regina, do you want to tell our listeners (once the road gets a little quieter) what’s the phone number to reach you…?

Regina: It is 541-318-6155. And we’re open seven days a week, 9 to 5. So come out! We’ll have wreathes and garlands and things like that as well.

Karen: Perfect!

Regina: Yup!

Karen: Thank you so much.

Regina: Thank you.