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Interior Design Help for Getting Your Home Ready to Sell with Leah Hendrix of Cascade Design Center

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House Talk Episode 33 – Ready to sell your home? Interior Design tips from Leah Hendrix of Cascade Design Center

Karen Malanga: Hi, this is Karen Malanga welcoming you back to another episode of House Talk. Today, I’m so excited! I have been waiting to get Leah on this program for a while. She is our go-to interior designer here in Bend, Oregon.

I’d like to introduce Leah Hendrix. She is the one to call when you’re getting ready to sell your home. She can come in and do a consultation, maybe make some simple suggestions like changing out an island countertop.

But anyway, I’m going to let Leah take it away from here. Thank you for coming, Leah.

Leah: Thanks, Karen. I’m really excited to be here too and to have the opportunity to talk with you guys today.

When you’re selling your homes, a lot of times, you have gotten used to the space being what it’s been for a really long time. You don’t really have an eye for that detail of what the buyer is looking for in terms of some update that could create a greater tendency to make an offer.

So, having someone walk through with a fresh set of eyes is sometimes the best way to just get some ideas of what you might do. And a lot of that is based on your budget and what you want to spend on the home. Obviously, you don’t want to spend a ton of money if you’re going to sell the house. But if it can bring you a greater returns, a quicker offer, you should know, that’s a great deal.

Karen: Yeah, it’s a very good investment. I know that when I go in and look at a new listing, a lot of times, I can see things that, oh, I just wish—I hate to use the word “de-oaked,” but some homes are just a little bit dated if they were built maybe in the 1980s, just add in maybe just even sparkle in one room, making it just feel lighter.

I also know exactly what you’re saying because sometimes I’ll take a photo of someone in my home, and I’m like, “What is all that stuff in the background?” I’m just used to living with a bunch of stuff!

Leah: Right! It can be so distracting. And again, it’s something that you don’t notice because it’s part of your lifestyle.

So, the fact that you’ve got your mail thrown there and 15 pictures of your kids, those are wonderful to you, but to a buyer, they’re very distracting. They can’t really see the space.

The way that I look at it is when someone walks into a home (or at least when I bought a home), I walk in and start to place my things in that space if I’m really loving the space. And it’s easier to place your possessions in the space if there’s a little bit more negative space.

Karen: Well, that’s true… or maybe even a lighter-filled closet. You want to be able to know your clothes will fit there.

Leah: Exactly! Just taking the big pile of sweaters out and adding a couple that are folded, just a couple of little details like that can really make it feel a lot more open and spacious. Perception is important, as you know.

Karen: Yeah. And do you also do some color consultation, maybe talking them into maybe adding a more neutral wall? Is that something that you do as well?

Leah: Absolutely, absolutely! A lot of times, even large pieces of art, things that are imposing, things that you may love in your space, but could be really distracting to a buyer. If they walk in and see this massive piece of art in this orange wall that perhaps you loved having in your house, it can be really distracting. And that’s all they see.

So, perception is everything; it really is.

Karen: I just wanted to say to our listeners that having someone like Leah come into your home is really going to help you sell your home more quickly.

So, how does someone get a hold of you? What’s the best way to reach you?

Leah: The best way to reach me is either via my email, which is or you can reach me in my cellphone at any time.

Karen: And what’s that number?

Leah: It’s 541-419-1774.

Karen: Thank you so much for being on House Talk.

Leah: Absolutely, Karen! Thank you.