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How Pinecone Lending Came Through with Listing Solutions that Saved a Transaction

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KarenMalanga:   Hi, welcome to House Talk. This is Karen Malanga. I’mthe owner of Pinecone Lending and Listing Solutions. And I’m here today withJoel Salmond. And he is one of the top brokers at our local Windermere officehere in Bend.  

And Joel, you recently used my problem-solvingproduct…

JoelSalmond:   Yes, I did!

KarenMalanga:   And i thought you could tellpeople about the experience. What was the problem that you had that we helpedyou fixed? If you could just tell that story, I’d appreciate it.

JoelSalmond:   Yeah! So, with Pinecone Lending,it was the perfect timing for a listing that we had over at our Windermereoffice. And this home, there was a really big leak that was discovered manyyears after. I mean, it was like from the original construction of the home.

KarenMalanga:   Well, that’s perfect forPinecone Listing Solutions, right?

JoelSalmond:   Man, the cost of bids were justkind of piling up on him. How do we fix this?

And so, as we came in and just were learning all of the things that were needed to get updated, we went, “Well, this could be a perfect solution for your program.” You could come in, and one, totally mitigate everything that was wrong, re-build the bathroom. And then, on top of that, while it was a clean slate, we had Cascade Design Center in Bend who do lovely work completely re-do the bathroom.

So, to take something that was really just in roughshape, and then go above and beyond, rather than just kind of a quick fix, tobe able to have those little bit of extra funds—and this gal had lots of equityin her home, so it was kind of a perfect solution of the bills kept piling upon what it would take, but to have this program that could lend some moneyuntil closing, was just a perfect match!

We closed a week ago. And the new buyers were stoked!And it was just kind of a perfect marriage!

KarenMalanga:   Yeah, thank you so much! And itwas fun being a part of that too because as I was writing the checks to all thedifferent contractors that you had at that, well, this job was even moreextensive than I had imagined.

And also, Dave had mentioned to mewhen he walked up to his initial listing appointment, he thought, “Oh, thishome could be worth”—and I’m just going to pull a number out, and this probablyisn’t right—“like $550k.” And then, when he walked inside and learned about theleak, he thought, “Ooh, I’m looking at $350. How can we help this woman get themoney that she should be getting for this home and help it sell more easily?”

So, it was a perfect solution.

JoelSalmond:   Totally!

KarenMalanga:   Yeah, thank you. So Joel, do youwish you would’ve had Pinecone Lending in the past? Have you ever ran into aproblem like this before?

JoelSalmond:   Not to this extent. Any remodelproduct, as you know, selling the billion homes that you have, as soon as youopen up that wall, or as soon as you get behind something, there’s always moreextensive…

KarenMalanga:   …something more.

JoelSalmond:   …repairs to be done.

KarenMalanga:   Yeah!

Joel Salmond:   So, I think all of us have experienced that where we’re going, “Oh, man! It might have been a minor fix, and then it becomes a little bit more of a major fix.” Luckily, there’s so many great contractors out there that are willing to get in… and not all of them do it in the timeliest manner.

KarenMalanga:   Nah!

JoelSalmond:   But there are guys and gals outthere that are great local professionals that we have.

So yes, I would definitely say this listing solution—ours was a much bigger project. But you’ve mentioned too where it could be as small as a roof. I feel like, especially as we get to homes that are 18 to 20 years old…

KarenMalanga:   Exactly!

JoelSalmond:   …we’re starting to see that alot in some of these neighborhoods. And so, as they’re getting called out, whatif we did a pre-home inspection before the listing? And then go, “Okay, maybethere’s not cash there, but we could call Karen and her crew at Pinecone.”

KarenMalanga:   Thank you.

JoelSalmond:   I think the industry needs toknow about it because it’s a great option.

KarenMalanga:   Well, Joel, thank you so muchfor being here at House Talk. And also, I think the world needs to know aboutyou because you’re a great real estate broker here in Central Oregon.    So, why don’t you just tell the audience howto reach you? 

JoelSalmond:   Well, my phone number is thebest way. I can be reached at 541-639-7916. Or you’ll see me out at localevents. I like to be involved and maybe get a malted beverage at [unclear 05:03]or something like that. If you run into me, don’t hesitate to come and say hi!I have aerodynamic hair and a pretty recognizable face. My phone number is the best! I love working here and I love the industry.

KarenMalanga:   Well, thank you. Thanks, Joel,for being here.

JoelSalmond:   I appreciate it.

KarenMalanga:   I appreciate it. Bye!