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How to Maintain and Refinish Hard Wood Floors with Al Crosland of Nhance

Submitted by Nest Bend on
House Talk Episode 32 – Tips on Maintaining and Refinishing Hard Wood Floors with Al Crosland of Nhance

Karen Malanga: Hi, this is Karen Malanga, welcoming you back to another episode of House Talk. Today, we are very fortunate to have Al from Nhance Revolutionary Wood Renewal.

I have used Al in the past. I have an older home in downtown Bend. And I cannot believe, first of all, how easy the job was to refinish my wood floors and how beautiful they turned out.

We’ve also had Al do my daughter’s home before she put it on the market. Her floors turned out amazing. And I think it helped her home sell quicker.

So Al, can you tell our listeners what you do.

Al: You bet! Yeah, thanks, Karen. Thanks for having me here.

Karen: You’re welcome.

Al: We are unique in the way that we approach things. We do refinishing on wood floors, wood cabinets, doors, window sills, front doors. The list goes on (really, anything that’s wood). But our approach has been unique for years.

We really don’t go after it like a traditional wood worker in most cases where we have to sand to bare wood and start all over again and spend days or longer in some cases in people’s home to achieve what we want to do.

Our approach with regards to floors, we have process that we can certainly come in and do a dustless sanding service. We can sand it like anyone else, but we have a dustless system, so we don’t create dust in other rooms and things like that.

Karen: Yeah, that’s nice.

Al: And anybody who has gone through that sanding procedure…

Karen: It’s a pain.

Al: It’s a pain.

Karen: It’s awful!

Al: And oftentimes, six months later, they’re digging dust out of cabinets and stuff in other rooms.

Karen: In furnace filters and everything!

Al: Absolutely!

So, we have an approach that we don’t do that. We can still sand it. But most of our clients, when we go out and talk to them about their floor needs and the problems with their floors, we talk about our renewal service which is generally about half the cost and it’s a process that doesn’t involve sanding, but it’s a process that we go in, we do a deep clean, we do lot of filler, we do a lot of color touch-up in damaged areas. And then, we still coat it with that same commercial grade polyurethane that we put on all of our floors.

That particular process is something that we’re oftentimes just in and out in hours, maybe six to eight hours. You can walk on it in five hours afterwards.

We also have a product that we can put down if someone can’t wait five hours to walk on it and two days for furniture. We have an instant cure product.

Karen: Oh, I didn’t know about that.

Al: Yeah! It’s a product that we run into situations where someone just simply needs to walk on it the second we’re finished. And so this particular product is cured with a UV—I hate to say the word “radiation,” but just basically, a very intense UV machine. You can walk right on it and the durability is fantastic.

Karen: Oh, that’s wonderful to know about.

So Al, what’s the best way for our listeners to reach you?

Al: The best way to reach me is you can either find me on Google or you can find me on Facebook. You could also call me at 541-419-4801.

Karen: Thank you, Al. I also want to mention that I think, sometimes, if people are looking for, they might be not spelling Nhance correctly. So it is just a N-h-a-n-c-e. I just wanted to clarify that.

Al: That’s correct.

Karen: Okay, thank you, Al.

Al: Thank you.