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How a Listing Solutions Loan from Pinecone Lending Can Save A Home Sale from Falling Through

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Karen Malanga: Hi, this is Karen Malanga. Welcome back to House Talk. I am the owner of Pinecone Lending. And I like to call it Pinecone Listing Solutions. And I’m here with Dan Williams who’s the owner of Elev8 Mortgage.

And what we do at Pinecone is we solve problems. And so Dan and I were kind of talking about this by the coffee. And he decided that he could probably use something like this.

So Dan, can you explain to our audience where my product would fit with yours?

DanWilliams: Yeah, there’s just so many circumstances where a buyer is looking at ahome, they’re totally interested in it, they get their inspection done. Andmagically, things come up!

KarenMalanga: Yeah, what a surprise!

DanWilliams: There’s water under the house, and it’s an HFA loan. And so they need toget that moisture dried out—or there’s mold or there’s a crack in thefoundation that’s too much or a roof is leaking or whatever it may be.

And sometimes, some of those issues are too much for us to lend on. And if we know about them, we can’t turn our head as a lender.

KarenMalanga: No, definitely not.

DanWilliams: So, it’s not one of those things that you sweep under the rug and no onesays anything…

KarenMalanga: It has to be disclosed.

DanWilliams: Exactly!

And so, from your side as a realtor and all that, when those things come up and you start writing addendums for repairs and stuff, things can get very convoluted, and it can kill a loan in a hurry because the repairs are too big, they’ve already written an addendum and signed, and now we see it… how do we fix it if the seller says, “Well, I don’t have the money to put the new roof on or to have the foundation fixed” or whatever.

KarenMalanga: And that’s where I step in! Yeah, I think when I started this company, Ithought it was going to be glamor—you know, new lighting fixtures, maybe somestaging, fresh paint in and out. But what I’ve learned is, really, what I do issolve problems that no one else wants to solve like the dreaded steel septictank or something like that.  

And so, I think that we can work really well together because, when you do get those dreaded repairs that you know will kill the deal—roof, mold, we all have those (I always say the R-word or the M-word)—we can step in and fund the repairs within four to six days and get those done, so that you can then move forward with underwriting and close on the property… which is really a nice thing to do.

DanWilliams: Absolutely! And with the kind of winters that we’ve had the last—well,two of the last three…

KarenMalanga: Let’s not scare them away from Central Oregon.

DanWilliams: I know! But those things become very real repairs too!

KarenMalanga: I know! Well, I want to thank you. And I look forward to helping youwith some problems when they come around. So I’m just going to kind of give myown contact information here.

So, if you are thinking about listing a home, or if you’re in the middle of a contract, and you need some help, you’ve got a big repair coming up, you can call us at Pinecone. My number is 541-480-3108. Or simply visit

And then, Dan, how do they reach you for theirmortgage?

KarenMalanga: Well, my phone number is the best way… 541-668-3053. And our address isright above Old Mill. It’s 354 Southwest Upper Terrace Drive, Suite 101.

DanWilliams: Alright! Well, let’s go solve some problems.

KarenMalanga: Let’s do it!

DanWilliams: Thanks!