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Free Silipint for Everyone Who Attends the 2019 4 Peaks Music Festival!

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KAREN: Hi, this is Karen Malanga, Principal Broker at RE/MAX Key Properties and CEO of Pinecone Lending. I’m here with Stacy Koff, and we’re excited to talk about the sustainability factor that she puts into the 4 Peaks Music festival. Sustainability is really important to Stacy and her crew. Can you explain? Everyone coming gets a Silipint?

STACY: That’sright. This year everybody walking through the door gets a Silipint.

KAREN: And theyneed to hang onto it, because they can use it for refills.

STACY: Yes,definitely you can refill it at all the bars, and all of the vendors willrefill your Silipint. You can bring one from previous years if you want to justcollect them all because you’ve been there for 12 years. That’s great. Everykid, too, gets a little Half-Pint, I think it’s called. We have wine ones andcocktail ones.

It is reallyimportant to have the sustainability factor. We were up for the EnvironmentalCenter’s Sustainability Award last year, and we’re hoping to have that againthis year with even more of a push by giving everybody a free Silipint. Thathelps.

If you want tobring your cups and plates and sporks or forks or spoons, the vendors willhonor that too. So we really are a no-waste event in the venue.

KAREN: I thinkthat’s really important for people to consider, too, because not all musicfestivals are the same. I think it’s a really nice part of what you’re tryingto accomplish with your festival. Not only do you have – what is it, 30 greatbands? How many?

STACY: About 25 ifyou include artists at large and the locals this year. Actually, artists atlarge – yeah, C.J. Neary, Maxwell Friedman, and then we have The Mostest and MOWO from Bend.

KAREN: Can you goover your headliners, too, so we can get a little blurb out for them?

STACY: Yeah, themost important part of the festival, I guess. People come for the bands.

KAREN: The music. Imean, the Silipints are great, but the bands are super important.

STACY: And we givethem to the bands too, so that’s a great thing, and they get to take them homeand use them wherever they go.

The Wood Brothers,I’m really excited about. They were up for a Grammy this year. RisingAppalachia is closing it out on Sunday. We’ve got Billy Strings, who’s just anincredible bluegrass virtuoso. And Los Lobos, of course, everybody’s excitedabout them, as well as mainstays Poor Man’s Whiskey, Andy Frasco and the U.N. –I could go on and on.

KAREN: Poor Man’sis always great.

STACY: They’re fun.They’re going on hiatus. This is it.

KAREN: Are they?

STACY: This is yourlast chance to see Poor Man’s in Central Oregon.



KAREN: Well, that’sanother reason to buy tickets for 4 Peaks.

STACY: There yougo.

KAREN: What day?

STACY: They areboth days. They’re Friday night, late, in the tent, and Saturday on themainstage for your twilight set.

KAREN: That’sperfect. It’s a goodbye o Central Oregon for them.

STACY: It is.

KAREN: For those ofyou that haven’t heard Poor Man’s Whiskey, they’ve been playing here for years,and they are incredible.

STACY: They’rereally fun. They really helped me start this festival, so they’ve been amainstay for 12 years.

KAREN: Wow. Stacy,how can people buy tickets?

STACY: has all the information, and then Silipintnews as well. If you’re local, you can go down to the Cosmic Depot and gettickets there. There’s a pretty good savings right now. Yeah, for everything 4 Peaks.

KAREN: [laughs]Thank you so much.

STACY: Thank youfor having me.

KAREN: You bet.