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Fall Checklist and Tips for Listing Your Central Oregon Home in the Fall and Winter

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KAREN: Hi, I’mKaren Malanga, Principal Broker with Re/MAX Key Properties and Nest Bend. I’mhere with my daughter and co-broker, Kristin Marshall.

What we wantedto chat about today just briefly, because winter is coming, is our fall checklist.We think this is a real important time when it comes to your home maintenance,especially if you’re thinking about listing your home over winter – which, bythe way, is a great time to list.

Kristin, do youwant to go over the fall checklist that we’ve created for our clients?

KRISTIN:Absolutely. Right now it’s a great time to check the weather stripping andcaulking around your doors and windows. Possibly looking at the roof and makingsure that everything is good there from last winter. Taking a look at anydamaged sidewalks, driveways, steps – that’s important because that’s howpeople get into your home when they’re viewing it.


KRISTIN: And ofcourse, always checking your smoke alarms and CO detectors.

KAREN: And thenthere’s other things we have to do because central Oregon and our inclementweather – we don’t know what this winter is going to bring. My stomach’stelling me it’s going to be a lot of snow, but I’ve been wrong before. Coveringup your hose bibs with the – for lack of a better word, they’re just those funkyStyrofoam things you get at Ace Hardware, or the foundation covers.

The other thingthat we really appreciate when someone is choosing to list their home over thewinter is that you let us know ahead of time, and we’ll get some great photosdone before the snow does hit.

Then if yourhome does appear to need some maintenance, it might be a good idea to have ahome inspection prior to getting the home on the market so that buyers can restassured – and also, if we do get a heavy snowfall and the home inspectionprocess is minimized because of that, we can say, “Wait a minute, these greatsellers had a home inspection done in the fall.” That will give some buyersthis huge vote of confidence. Don’t you agree, Kristin?

KRISTIN: Absolutely.It’s also good, if you are blowing out your sprinklers this fall, to keep thatreceipt, because a lot of buyers in the winter will want to see that, just toensure that everything was taken care of prior.

KAREN: Yeah, that’sa great idea. Hang on to all those receipts. Get the furnace serviced. Theother thing is if you’re looking to do some improvements before you list, wealso have a great program with Pinecone Lending and Listing Solutions. You cancontact us about that as well. But right now you can find us at,right, Kristin?

KRISTIN: Yes,absolutely.

KAREN: And ifyou’re looking to list in the fall, we would love to help. Thanks.

KRISTIN: Thankyou.