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Bend Oregon Neighborhoods - Four Quadrants

Submitted by Nest Bend on Transcript Below or Listen to the Podcast:

Well, there’s four quadrants in Bend, so a lot of that, first, is getting to know the person and getting to know what their wants and needs are. Do they want to be able to walk to a restaurant? Do they want to be able to hop on a mountain bike? So generally speaking, most of the people coming from Portland area, they love the northwest quadrant of Bend, they’re excited to just be able to get on that bike and get out in the sunshine. A lot of people coming from southern California might want some more acreage and lately they want irrigation rights or perhaps a spring, because they’re very focused on water. So that quadrant might be southeast Bend or northeast Bend, or even just a little bit outside of the normal city parameters.

So southwest, which is a lot of the land just south of Galveston, so some people still feel like that’s northwest, but technically it’s southwest Bend and that encompasses Broken Top, Tetherow, which is one of our fastest growing neighborhoods, and then it also goes on the other side of the river, so you have all the homes between Brookswood and the river, as well. So there’s a lot of river frontage down there that people really aren’t aware of.

Northeast bend offers a lot of potential for investors that would like, maybe, a rental or a duplex next to the hospital campus, because St. Charles continues to grow and it’s a real viable rental area around that.