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7 Ways to Fit More People Around the Table During The Holidays

Submitted by Nest Bend on

During the holidays, it’s not uncommon to have so many guests and dishes in the dining room that you run out of space at the table. Never fear! Here are 7 ways to maximize table space during the holidays:

Clear the table space

When the dining room is jam-packed with non-essentials, it must be cleared out for a holiday. Clearing the clutter will make the space look roomier and more inviting. Don’t forget to remove any furniture from the room that isn’t a part of the table setting. You want guests to be able to move around freely.

Set up a buffet

Free up your dining room space by serving the food buffet-style in the kitchen. That way, your table won’t be engulfed by serving bowls and platters.

Ride the bench

When you have bulky chairs that take up more space than they should in your dining room, you can use a bench on one side of the dining table. This space should accommodate a few additional guests. After all, it is a family holiday; closeness is essential. You might also consider renting chairs that are compact as compared to your current furniture.

Reduce table décor

Yes, it is tempting to decorate your table with beautiful centerpieces or grouping of candles, but décor can become clutter when space is already small. Keep decorations simple to help you make the most of the table’s total surface area.

Set up a kiddies table

Kids often prefer to be in the company of their peers. When kids are present in family gatherings, they can benefit from a kiddies table while saving some space.

If your list of guests overwhelms the dining room’s capacity, make arrangements to make a satellite table for adults as well.

Take it outside

For homeowners in warmer climates, why waste a warm evening? Take the party outside! Of course, you can use the table as a buffet post, then enjoy your meal on a patio or deck—even by the pool.

Reconsider the space

Think about ways to set your dining room up differently. For example if you place the table at an angle, it might give the guests on the end some breathing room, and free up space for more chairs.