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My real estate services, based in Bend, Oregon focus on helping you find your perfect “nest” in the High Desert community. Helping my clients feel a sense of belonging–in community, within Central Oregon’s natural setting, in the home they choose–is an important part of my mission.

I serve sellers with extensive local experience and knowledge, backed by Hasson Company Realtors® cutting edge resources. Hasson maintains an extensive online presence and technological tools that perform with national-level capabilities for real estate in Bend, Oregon and beyond. If you’re looking for great golf course properties Bend, Oregon, I’m the first person to call; I know what’s out there!

The Story Behind the Brand

Our neighbors are as diverse as the habitats they call home, and while many people adapt from urban settings to our natural environment of forest and sagebrush steppe, one remarkable inhabitant has done just the reverse. The osprey (Pandion haliaetus), unlike most raptors, coexists well with human activity and has adapted to feel at home nesting on power poles, cell towers and other urban interface structures. The osprey keeps its keen eyes on the panoramic landscape, while able to focus on the fine details. My logo is reminiscent of the age-old Native American petroglyphs that connected the indigenous peoples as an integral part of the environment. Read “Stories of Belonging” and get an inside look at our fascinating feathered, furred and scaled neighbors.

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