Listen in as Karen Malanga of House Talk discusses loan options for home buyers with Director’s Mortgage Vice President, Dan Williams – House Talk Episode 55

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Karen Malanga: Hi, this is Karen Malanga with another episode of House Talk. I’m here on location at Trailside, a neighborhood that we represent on the west side of Bend.

I’m honored today to have Dan Williams here from Directors Mortgage. He’s super tall! But he’s one of the vice presidents at Directors Mortgage. And we’ve done several terrific loans with Dan over the years. And he’s going to be helping us teach a class here at Trailside. But also, Dan, I want our listeners to know a little bit about what you do and why you’re special.

Dan Williams: Gosh! We’re a local lender. So it helps that every decision made is all here. Regardless of how far we go, you’re not going a million miles out to a person that’s not familiar with the area or what’s going on with that particular situation. Everything is local. So that’s the start. We’re the only one like that.

Number two, we have a ton of great products. With places like this where you’re opening up opportunities for people that were currently renting and didn’t even realize that they can own a home, we have so many different programs that are low down payment, no down payment and forgivable/second products, everything under the sun. So, we have a ton!

Karen: Yeah, we love working with you because you are local. And the other thing that I appreciate about how you work is you’re always upfront, like, “Karen/Kristen, we can do this, but it’s just going to take a little more time.” And then, we go back and get a little bit more time. But you always get them on through.

Dan: That’s good.

Karen: One thing we were discussing the other day too was that people don’t realize that they can be a first-time home buyer if they haven’t owned a home in the past three years.

Dan: That’s right.

Karen: It doesn’t mean that it has to be their very first home ever.

Dan: That’s right. Three years is kind of the kicker line there. So, if you haven’t owned a home for three years, you’re right back in the first-time home buyer programs across the board.

Karen: And those are terrific.

Dan: Yeah!

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Karen: So, we are going to be teaching a class together on April 19th. It’s going to be in the evening. And we’re going to have some alcohol, some wine, some beer…

Dan: We’re going to have some beers, some wine, some cheese, some snacky stuff. So yeah, it should be good.

Karen: It’ll be great.

Dan, what’s the best way for our listeners to find you?

Dan: They can call me at 541-668-3053 or email at

Karen: Okay! And I also want to tell our listeners too that if you’re interested in learning how to own versus rent, please come to our website,

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