Don’t miss the Johnny Was Clothing Trunk Show at Desperado Boutique in the Old Mill District of Bend, Oregon Friday, July 20 – Sunday, July 22, 2018! Listen in as Karen and Rebecca share a preview of the event!

Karen Malanga: Hi, it’s Karen Malanga with House Talk, Principal Broker with RE/MAX Key Properties. And I’m here again with Rebecca, one of my favorite people in Bend and in probably my favorite store. We’re standing in front of Johnny WAS.

For those of you that don’t know what Johnny WAS is, I’ve had this shirt for—God, Rebecca, how long do you think?

Rebecca: Oh, you know what? The thing about Johnny WAS is they are investment pieces, but they do last decades. They’re really a timeless piece that is a great statement for any wardrobe.

Karen: And what I love about Johnny Was is the detailing. And now they even carry bags by  Johnny WAS.

Rebecca: Yes!

Karen: This is fantastic. And this is amazing. Is this reversible, Rebecca?

Rebecca: It absolutely is. So this is part of their kimono line. And what’s really fun about it…

Karen: So good.

Rebecca: I mean talk about a nice piece to take on a vacation.

Karen: Yeah. So here we are back on vacation…

Rebecca: I know, we’re in vacation mode, right?

Karen: Yes, definitely.

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Karen: Oh, it’s just gorgeous!

Rebecca: This is cute over a dress, but this would be cute over jeans and a little light t-shirt.

Karen: It’s perfect over jeans and a t-shirt.

So now, are you going to have a trunk show for Johnny WAS as well.

Rebecca: We are. We’re going to have a trunk show in July. We’re starting it on Friday, July 20th through Sunday, July 22nd. We’ll be bringing in dozens and dozens of styles of Johnny WAS. They really fit lots of body types.

Karen: Oh, definitely!

Rebecca: They have so many different silhouettes.

Karen: They do have a lot of silhouettes. Like this one would fit anybody just the way it’s cut.

Rebecca: Oh, yes, absolutely beautiful.

Karen: And look at all the pretty embroidery on the back.

Rebecca: Yes, they’re very, very pretty.

Karen: I love Johnny WAS.

Rebecca: These pants, this is part of their silk edition, but what I great thing just to have in your wardrobe.

Karen: They’re so fun!

Rebecca: Totally, yes!

Karen: And they go witht hose Jafa shoes.

Rebecca: Oh, yes, they do. Yes! Got to love the Jafa shoes as well… for sure!

Karen: Well, thank you, Rebecca.

Rebecca: You’re welcome!

Karen: So I’ll be here then on the 29th.

Rebecca: Thank you very much. We look forward to it!

Karen: Thanks for having us.


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