Food, Crafts, Family Fun and of course, MUSIC at the 2018 4 Peaks Music Festival! Listen in for more with Stacy and Karen onsite at the Stevenson Ranch!

Karen Malanga: Hi, it’s Karen Malanga with House Talk in another edition here with Stacy Koff. We’re back at the Stevenson Ranch just because we want to talk more about it. It is so gorgeous here.

We’ve touched on the festival several times. But we’ve forgotten about all the food and beverages and the merchandise booths—the clothing, the jewelry.

Stacy Koff: Right!

Karen: I remember buying a really beautiful necklace last year. I love the booths!

Stacy: Yeah, it’s truly—I mean, it’s a music festival but combined with a lot of shopping and crafts and craft beverages. I mean we have a second bar this year with Cascade Alchemy and Deschutes Brewery. They’re heading that up this year. We have got humm kombucha being poured at the main bar.

Karen: How fun!

Stacy: And over eight brewery and ciders. And then, tons of craft vendors and foods such as El Sancho and Addy Mac’s Ice Cream.

Karen: I love El Sancho!

Stacy: Who doesn’t really?

Karen: I know.

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Stacy: Yes! And late night food, we will have food up until the Silent Disco is over. You can drink and eat and shop until then.

Karen: So, we can’t wait to see you here at Stevenson Ranch. And how can someone get their tickets to 4Peaks?

Stacy: Yes, all the information is at And if you’re local in Bend, you can go to the Cosmic Depot and they have a locals discount there. So head on down there.

And with the ticket there has everything you need to know

Karen: That’s great. Thank you so much Stacy.

Stacy: Thank you!

Karen: And we’ll you here in June! What’s the date again?

Stacy: June 21st to 24th… right here. We’ll see you here.

Karen: Right here.


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