Stacy Totland, 2018 4 Peaks Music Festival Promoter gives Karen the scoop on the bands headlining this year! – House Talk Episode 57

Karen Malanga: Hi, it’s Karen Malanga with House Talk, welcoming back Stacy, the promoter of 4 Peaks. And we’re going to learn a little bit about the music—which bands are going to be there, right, Stacy?

Stacy: Yes, it’s all about the music sort of.

Karen: It is! I mean we’ve talked about the kids area and other things. But tell us about the music.

Stacy: Yes, definitely, it is about the music, and of course, three days of camping and family fun with your friends.

Karen: Yeah!

Stacy: But this year, we’re really excited. We have Greensky Bluegrass coming back. And they’re huge on sort of the jam grass bluegrass jam band scene. So we’re really excited to have them headline; and as well as Nahko and Medicine for the People. And People here, he’s the first time at the festival. I think he’s only been to Bend once. So it’s really exciting to have him.

So, funk, rock, blues, North Mississippi Allstars, New Mastersounds. We’ve got locals.

Karen: Don’t you have a famous guitarist coming too?

Stacy: Molly Tuttle, yes.

Karen: I’m excited to hear her.

Stacy: Yes, she’s amazing! She won the IBMA Guitar of the Year Award last year. So we’re really excited to have her on the stage.

Karen: That’s exciting!

Stacy: And we’ve got a lot of women coming this year.

Karen: This will be fun!

So, for our listeners to find out which day the bands are playing, which bands are coming, how do we do that?

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Stacy: Yes… the schedule will all be up shortly at

Karen: Okay!

Stacy: We’ll have the daily schedule.

Karen: Alright, thank you, Stacy.

Stacy: Yes! Thank you.

Karen: If you wanted to learn more, go to

Stacy: That’s right.

Karen: Thanks!


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