Cozy Home in Winter

With the shorter days and chilly temperatures of winter in Bend, Oregon, keeping your house cozy can be a challenge! Here are 7 of our favorite (and easy!) tips for keeping your home warm and welcoming.

Tip #1 – Light with candles (traditional or LED): Light several candles where you plan to relax or entertain, the rooms will feel warmer instantly.

Tip #2 – Decorate with blankets – Draping warm and beautiful blankets over couches and chairs not only adds to the beauty of your home in winter, but offers a practical option for staying warm when the temperatures fall. Really, who doesn’t love to wrap in a blanket when it’s chilly outside?!

Tip #3 – Build a fire – Lighting a fire is the very best way to add warmth to your home – both visually and sensory. And if you’re fortunate enough to have a mantle, decorating with candles will add even more welcoming glow.

Cozy Fireplace and Cup of Tea

Tip #4 – Pour yourself something hot to drink – Whether you love cocoa, tea, coffee, warming yourself and friends and family from the inside out is always a good idea. And don’t forget about spiced cider simmering on the stove or in the slow cooker to fill your home with a welcoming aroma.

Tip #5 – Layer your lighting – Overhead lights are practical, but can often cast shadows on faces and furniture and don’t fill a room with warm light like eye level and floor lamps. And don’t forget to add dimmer switches – having control over brightness makes a world of difference.

Tip #6 – Make soup for dinner – Not only does soup smell wonderful as it bubbles away on your stovetop, it’s one of the most comforting meals in cold winter months.

Twinkle Lights

Tip #7 – Leave your twinkle lights out! – Most people pack their twinkle lights along with other holiday decor. But why not leave a few strands up? They’ll add warmth and sparkle all through the cold winter months.

We want you to stay cozy all winter long and hope these tips will help!

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