What is Kidlandia? Listen in to find out!

The 4 Peaks Music Festival is coming soon! On location at the Stevenson Ranch, listen in as Stacy and Karen talk about what’s coming during the 2018 festival – June 21st through June 24th!

Karen Malanga: Hi, this is Karen Malanga with House Talk and Principal Broker at RE/MAX Key Properties. We’re here for another edition of House Talk.

I’m so excited to be here with Stacy Koff. And this is the site of the 4Peaks music festival. So we’re going to talk a little bit about your experience when you come out here to the Stevenson Ranch.

I mean, just look, this is totally amazing. Don’t you agree, Stacy?

Stacy Koff: It’s pretty spectacular, especially on days like today when everything just gets green. The experience I can see that people are having right now, I can visualize all of the hundreds and hundreds of kids running around, and the intimacy that this festival really is built on and stays that way, and all the families, and just all of the vendors and the food and the crafts—and the music, of course, that’s what we mainly touch on.  Two stages…

Karen: Yeah, yeah. Tell us a little bit about Kidlandia.

Stacy: Kidlandia is really cool. This year, we have a playhouse donated by Hayden Homes that is going to be able to have the kids play in and do crafts in. We’ve expanded it this year so there’s going to be a lot more area for them—lots of crafts, face painting, performers, jugglers and just all kinds of things for kids to do.

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Karen: Ah, I can’t wait. Last year, I came out and I had the best time ever. I couldn’t always find my friends in their campers. And I hear that you’re organizing that different this time.

Stacy: Mm-hmmm… yeah, the nice thing too about the site this year is we’re doing [unclear 01:21]. And that ends on June 1st. So basically, if you want to choose your area and camp with your friends, you do have to come in with them. But there are lots of areas—mixed tents and RV or RV. There’s a GoWesty area this year that’s just all Westfalias. So you can actually choose your area.

And then, of course, the venue is intimate enough. You can find anybody at any time.

Karen: Yeah, that’s really cool.  So how can I get my ticket this year?

Stacy: Yes! 4PeaksMusic.com has  all the information, all the tickets. And we do have some daily tickets for those that can’t join us for the whole weekend. Those are ending on June 4th—or sorry, those are ending on May 31st. And Cosmic Depot in town has a locals discount for those who can hop on down to Cosmic Depot and get tickets here.

So yeah, all information is at 4PeaksMusic.com. And we’ll see you here… right here!

Karen: Yeah, right here at the Stevenson Ranch just in Southeast Bend.

Stacy: June 21st to 24th.


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