Karen Malanga, broker, Hasson Company Realtors.

What I love so much about what I do is that it’s different everyday. It’s the variety. It’s the different people I get to interact with. It’s not about a transaction. What I’m doing is transitioning people. Whether they’re moving into a larger home, downsizing into a smaller home, everyone’s life is a story, and a purchase or sale of a home always represents a new chapter.

And so I sit down. I listen to them. I learn their story. And then I get to help them move into the next place, the next chapter of their story.

But what I love about Southwest Bend is you have this terrific mix. You have the old part of downtown. You’ve got funky little rentals along the river. Then you have the beautiful Old Mill District. And you have fabulous golf courses, world class.

In Southwest Bend, you’re going to find a terrific mix of fabulous individual restaurants; not very many chains. You can get on a cruise and ride to the Old Mill District for a Les Schwab Concert. And we get fabulous artists here in the summer.

You can buy a little old bungalow from back in the middle days, every stored colonial home. You can buy a multi-family unit right on the river. Then you can also glad to the golf courses and have a gorgeous contemporary home.

You can be in the wilderness in like five minutes. You can be stand-up paddle boarding in the Deschutes River. You can sit under a pine tree. You can go on a mountain bike ride. Pure air, good smells, it’s wonderful here.

I moved to Bend so that I could raise my children here. And I’m so fortunate that they’re working with me now. My son handles all our transactions. My daughter is a terrific broker. It’s wonderful working with your family.

There’s nothing more rewarding than a smile on a young couple’s face when they’re purchasing their first home and you hand them the key and walk them in to their new space. I can’t describe it, but it makes me feel good at the end of the day.